The Medical Accident Group’s solicitor Inez Brown aims to change the law on locum doctors in the UK

  • October 3, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group’s specialist solicitor Inez Brown successfully secured £40,000 compensation for David Gray’s family after his death revealed systematic failings in the out of hours GP service provided by Take Care Now.

    David Gray, 70, was suffering from kidney stones at his home in Cambridgeshire and was seen by a locum doctor from Germany. The doctor, a specialist in cosmetic medicine, had come to the UK to work on an out of hours basis to fill a gap left by regular GPs. Unfortunately due to the doctor’s poor grasp of English and lack of training, Mr Gray was given ten times the prescribed amount of diamorphine, and passed away just hours later.

    While the incident demonstrated a lack of systematic control in the locum GP service, Inez Brown fought tirelessly to not only secure compensation for David Gray’s family, but to push for changes in the way that these doctors were handled.

    During the inquest, the coroner found failings across the procedures that were in place that are meant to ensure the capabilities of doctor’s from abroad and their grasp on English, and their experience of the NHS system. Inez was able to ensure that the family received £40,000 compensation, even though the parties never accepted liability. Following the revelations, Inez pushed for recommendations to be made to the health secretary to change the way out of hours services were handled in the UK.

    The Medical Accident Group’s expert solicitor not only helped David Gray’s family, but she provided support the whole way through the process.

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