The Medical Accident Group helps a family recover compensation after their daughter was left with irreparable damage to her teeth

  • October 3, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Miss P and her family after her nerves were damaged in her mouth following incorrect procedures by a dentist. Our expert solicitor Peter Savage won more than £100,000 to cover the trauma and ongoing suffering that Miss P and her family has endured.

    Miss P and her family approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is their story.

    Miss P suffered an unfortunate accident at school where a fellow pupil mistakenly kicked her in the teeth. She suffered the complete loss of one or her teeth and damage to two others. She and her mother attended the dentist the next day to be assessed, and were seen by their usual practitioner. His diagnosis was that she needed cosmetic surgery to fix the teeth and implant a new one. The dentist was one seen by the whole family, and his high standard of work was expected for the surgery.

    The surgery was to take place across two procedures, and was meant to repair the two damaged teeth and insert an implant and abutment, as well as the replacement tooth itself. Initially, the first procedure went well, and Miss P wasn’t suffering from any ill effects. Upon commencement of the implant operation, Miss P immediately knew something was wrong as she felt sharp pain even though she was anaesthetised. The dentist carried on with the surgery and fitted all parts of the replacement tooth.

    Miss P was complaining of severe pain for a week afterwards, but was assured by the dentist this was normal and was advised to take painkillers. After no improvement in the pain, Miss P went to another dentist who examined her tooth and suggested that there had been nerve damage, and that was why she was still in pain. Unfortunately the dentist has drilled too much out of Miss P’s jawbone and the implant was seated incorrectly

      How we helped

    Miss P had to undergo two further procedures to correct the damage, and needs to revisit the dentist every six months to assess the placement of the implant. The Medical Accident Group’s specialist dental solicitor Peter Savage was able to secure damages on behalf of Miss P and her family.

    The compensation has meant the family are able to pay off the debts incurred for the extra surgical procedures, and to allow Miss P to continue visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Miss P also received a payment for pain and suffering as a result of the negligent surgery.

    The Medical Accident Group not only helped Miss P and her family get everything financially they deserved as a result of a medical accident, but they also provided them with support all the way through the process.

    Because Miss P’s family came to the Medical Accident Group after the dental negligence, they were given free initial advice on exactly what they needed to do, and provided with a home visit from Peter Savage to assess their needs as the client. The Medical Accident Group made all this possible for the family and their daughter.

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