The Medical Accident Group fought on behalf of a client who tragically lost his wife following a delay in treatment

  • October 3, 2014
  • The Medical Accident Group successfully won compensation for Mr H who sadly lost his wife following negligence at their local hospital. Our expert solicitor Inez Brown won more than £300,000 compensation to cover the cost of Mr H’s future health care that his wife was providing. Mrs H received a substandard of care, and mistakes during surgery led to her death.

    Mr H approached the Medical Accident Group for help – this is his story.

    Mrs H was known to have a history of intestinal problems and following a painful bout of a few days, went to visit her GP as the pain continued. The initial diagnosis proved to be worse than expected when Mrs H was told she had suspected bowel cancer and was referred to hospital. Most patients are treated well and given the support they need, but Mrs H faced quite the opposite when she arrived at the hospital to be assessed again.

    At the first consultation she was kept in for observation after complaining of more abdominal pain, and then a few hours later was diagnosed with pancreatitis, rather than bowel cancer, despite giving the doctors her medical history. Her confusion was further compounded when a third consultation that resulted in a diagnosis of appendicitis.

    There was a huge failing in the hospital that saw a delay in reporting of important scans – so much so that Mrs H’s condition had deteriorated so rapidly that she needed to have emergency surgery.

    Mrs H went through 3 surgical procedures. During the procedures, sepsis set in and a lack of oxygen given during the surgery had caused a brain injury., the result of which was Mrs H untimely and sad death.

    How we helped

    Mr H relied on his wife for a lot of his own care and to provide financial support. Following a successful claim in court by Inez Brown, our expert fatal injuries lawyer, the hospital admitted their failings and Mr H could start the process of rebuilding his life. The Medical Accident Group made sure that he could afford care for the rest of his life, was compensated for the grief suffered, and that he was not financially out of pocket.

    We also provided him with support all the way through the process. Because Mr H came to the Medical Accident Group after his wife’s death, he was given free initial advice on exactly what he needs to do, and provided with home visits to assess his care needs from medical professionals.

    Mr H now continues his life in Berkshire on his own in an adapted house with a ground floor bedroom and adjustable bed. He is visited every day for 6 hours by a carer who makes sure he has everything he needs, and despite his lack of movement, he was able to complete a parachute jump earlier this year to raise money for his local town hall that his wife loved so much.

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