Major surgery needed after GP negligence

  • November 20, 2018
  • After Sarah had her contraceptive coil fitted wrongly by her GP, leading to two major operations, she sought help from Ally Taft, partner with Medical Accident Group. She received a settlement of £35,000 to cover her loss of earnings, the help she needed after her surgery and the costs of her later medical treatment.

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    Sarah had a contraceptive coil inserted by her GP, but three months later, she was taken to hospital because the coil had perforated her uterus and became lodged in her bowel, causing difficulties opening her bowels. She had to have her appendix removed, together with three inches of her bowel. She needed further surgery later to deal with a haematoma and haemorrhage.

    When she came home from hospital, Sarah pursued a clinical negligence claim against her GP, asking Ally to advise and help her. Ally called on experts to show the link between the insertion and the injury, and was able to settle the case, without going to court.

    Routine procedure went wrong

    Ally said: “Having a coil inserted is such a routine procedure, but one which can so easily lead to problems if proper care isn’t taken. Any patient who suffers from such an error, especially involving further operations, and all the costs and difficulties associated with those, should seek advice about a claim.”

    If you believe you have suffered from surgical error by your GP or hospital, Medical Accident Group can help you – we specialise in precisely these cases and will provide support, help and the best advice. Call us on 0800 050 1668.

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