Life-long pain due to clinical negligence

  • January 4, 2019
  • Harry now can’t walk more than a few yards without two sticks and is in constant pain, after surgical negligence not only failed to solve a problem with the toes on his left foot but left him needing further surgery. He came to Ally Taft for help and received a settlement of more than £400,000.

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    Harry’s left foot was first injured in an accident at work, but surgery and treatment then were successful – his foot healed and he was pain-free for many years.

    But 17 years later, he developed a problem in that foot, which affected his toes. He was referred for surgery, but the operation was not carried out properly, and he was left needing another operation the following month.

    As a result of both operations, Harry has now been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). He has such severe pain in his foot that sometimes he cannot even bear the pain of clothing resting on his foot. He can’t walk more than a few yards with the use of two sticks and is now classed as considerably disabled.

    Expert evidence supported claim

    When Harry came to Ally for advice on his claims against the hospital trust, she obtained expert evidence which showed that his prognosis was poor and that he would never be entirely free of pain. Although he could initially have had fusion surgery to try and relieve his symptoms, an orthopaedic expert advised that the surgery would not be an option for Harry once CRPS was diagnosed.

    Ally said: “I was glad to be able to help reach a settlement that will provide some of what he needs for the future – to be left in permanent pain because of negligence is a dreadful outcome for anyone, but if we can help to give people some security, that is very worthwhile.”

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