Infertility caused by badly-managed surgery

  • December 12, 2018
  • Badly-managed operations after a miscarriage left Michelle unable to give her second husband the family he so longed for, and without the means to proceed with surrogacy arrangements.

    But she came to Inez Brown at Medical Accident Group for help, and is full of praise for Inez’ calm and supportive approach, as well as being delighted with the £115,000 settlement Inez achieved.

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    Michelle, who had two sons with her first husband, became pregnant again while married to her second husband, but lost the baby. She underwent a dilation and curettage (D and C) to remove the remaining tissue, but was told a week later, after a scan, that about a third of it still remained. She was advised to have another D and C, and this took place.

    But when her periods had not returned six months after the operation, she asked to be referred to a specialist. A scan revealed extensive scarring and she was later diagnosed with Asherman’s Syndrome which meant she would be unable to carry another child safely. The scarring occurred during her D and C procedures, and, devastated by the news that she could not have another child, she took action against the hospital trust involved.

    Inez said: “I was glad to be able to help Michelle and her husband – her treatment had clearly been negligent and without that negligence, she would not be left without a chance of carrying a baby to term or with any of the very painful and on-going problems which the surgery has caused.”

    Surrogacy plans

    The £115,000 settlement has allowed the couple to start a course of treatment for surrogacy which they had desperately wished to pursue, but were unable to consider previously for financial reasons.

    Michelle said: “Securing a settlement for us has changed our lives. Inez made me feel comfortable from the very first time I met her and the support I received was also extremely encouraging throughout our difficult journey.

    “I feel our case was handled excellently and Inez’ experience and determination in pursuing our case in the professional manner that it was dealt with has been amazing. I cannot thank Inez and her team enough for everything that they have done and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone. Thank you so very much.”

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