Developed a DVT because of a tight plaster cast

  • March 25, 2015
  • The Claimant fell and broke her 5th metatarsal in her left foot.  She attended hospital and was diagnosed with a spiral facture.  Her left foot was put into a below knee plaster cast, but the cast was too tight and the Claimant developed a DVT.  The Trust delayed diagnosing the DVT, which led to the Claimant developing a pulmonary embolism.  As a result the Claimant needs to take Warfarin for the rest of her life.

    We managed to obtain compensation on behalf of the Claimant.  Prior to instructing this firm the Claimant was rejected by a competitor firm due to low prospects of success.  However, we managed to secure a successful outcome for the client due to our skill and expertise in this area.

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