Delays in diagnosis and treatment changed patient’s life

  • July 19, 2018
  • Delays in diagnosing and treating Adam’s infected gallbladder meant that his ability to walk was limited, he needed help in his home and couldn’t carry on with his normal life after surgery. He came to Charis Haynes at Medical Accident Group for help with his claim.

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    Adam went into hospital twice because of his gallbladder problems – his first operation, 10 days after he was admitted for the second time, showed that the problem was worse than first suspected.

    His recovery was not straightforward – he suffered from sepsis in his bile duct, and need another operation. He then suffered from hospital-acquired pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism – he was in hospital for another six weeks before he could be transferred to a community hospital for rehabilitation.

    When Adam came home, his problems were not over – he only had limited walking ability and couldn’t continue his normal life as before.

    He came to Medical Accident Group to pursue a claim for clinical negligence – although he sadly died from unrelated health problems while that claim was being looked into, Charis and the team are able to continue that investigation on behalf of his direct family and his estate.

    Charis said: “This is a very sad case, but we can ensure access to justice, even after someone’s death.”

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