Delayed diagnosis left patient with life-changing problems

  • December 5, 2018
  • The £1m settlement that Peter Savage and Sarah-Jayne Martin of Medical Accident Group were able to achieve for Ann, after repeated failures to diagnose her spinal condition, will improve her quality of life and enable her to have the home and care she needs.

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    After Ann first started having difficulties with her back, an MRI scan was performed and showed some evidence of spinal problems which required further investigations. Despite this, her symptoms gradually got worse over the next two years until she was in pain, had numb fingers and could only walk for a limited distance.

    Over the next four months, in spite of repeated and frequent visits to her GP and the hospital, her symptoms got much worse – she was in severe pain, was breathless and had chest pain, her hands and arms were numb, she lost control of her bladder and bowels and finally collapsed.

    Even when she had been admitted to hospital, Ann still had to wait four days for an MRI scan, which showed that her spinal cord had been compressed completely in one area near the base of her neck, and she had surgery on her spine.

    Spinal injuries changed her life

    She is now living with a spinal condition, cervical spondylotic myelopathy, which severely limits her mobility, causes upper and lower limb weakness as well affecting her balance, and causes bladder and bowel dysfunction.

    Peter said: “She needs to be able to live on the ground floor and she will increasingly need care, so the settlement we achieved gives her confidence that she can pay for her needs into the future. If she needs extra aids and equipment, she has the security of knowing that she can buy them. She has already needed physiotherapy and occupational therapy and is still in pain.

    “The fact is that the delays in diagnosis have left her with problems that could have been avoided with early investigation and the right action on the hospital’s part.”

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