Compensation for chef that lost a finger as a result of sepsis

  • July 20, 2018
  • Ella, a chef from Milton Keynes, went into the accident & emergency department with a painful and swollen finger. Unfortunately, following incorrect diagnosis and delayed treatment it was eventually discovered that Ella had a septic infection, with the only option being amputation of her finger.

    In her profession the loss of a finger has had a significant impact and, as a result, Ella came to hospital infections claims and sepsis claims specialist Elizabeth Wickson for help.

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    Understanding Ella’s Claim

    Ella went into the accident & emergency department, in Milton Keynes, in the early hours of one morning, with a painful and swollen finger. She was incorrectly diagnosed with compartment syndrome, which causes lack of blood flow and oxygen to muscles and nerves, damaging them.

    At this point Ella was transferred to a Bedfordshire hospital, but, once there, further blood tests were incorrectly interpreted and the signs of infection missed. She stayed there for much of the following day with no treatment.

    That evening imminent gangrene in her finger was diagnosed and she was given antibiotics.

    24 hours after she first came into the hospital, she was transferred to yet another hospital, where a septic infection was, eventually, correctly diagnosed. Her finger and hand were operated on in an attempt to stem the infection but too much damage had already been caused to her finger. It was amputated the next day.
    Across three NHS hospital trusts the staff failed to recognise the signs of sepsis and administer antibiotics. This was admitted as a failing, as well as the fact that Ella should have been immediately transferred to a hospital with a hand surgery unit. Provision of antibiotics and a transfer to a specialist unit, earlier, could have saved Ella from surgery and the loss of her finger.

    Medical Negligence Specialist, Elizabeth Wickson Explains:

    “The hospitals’ multiple failures had “a devastating effect on her life”, which could have been avoided with simple and swift antibiotic treatment.

    “This award goes some way towards making Ella’s life easier in the future – although the loss of her finger, especially in her particular profession, will be difficult.”

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