Clinical negligence leaves teenager with long-term pain

  • December 5, 2018
  • Will had his appendix taken out when he was 15, but the emergency surgery was done so poorly that he was left with significant personal injuries. He came to Ally Taft for help and advice and she reached a settlement of more than £500,000 for him.

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    His suspected appendicitis meant that Will was operated on as an emergency, and during the operation, negligence meant that one of the instruments damaged one of his large veins, causing bleeding. He suffered from a blood clot and blood flow was diverted to other veins, which were not as effective, causing his leg to swell.

    Because of the negligent surgery and the further problems, Will was left with persistent pain in his leg, reduced mobility and disfigurement in the form of an unsightly collateral vein. His ability to sit, walk and stand for periods of time was restricted.

    He came to Ally to help him to pursue a clinical negligence claim and she was able to obtain expert evidence to show a clear breach of duty by the hospital and to clearly link the negligence and Will’s injuries.  She was able to settle out of court.

    Routine appendectomy causing long-term problems

    Ally said: “An appendicectomy should be a routine operation, with few side-effects and certainly none as serious or long-term as these. I was glad to be able to help to provide some answers and some security for his future in this case.”

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