Bungled cancer op causes ‘intense distress’

  • January 4, 2019
  • Frank went through several operations, chemotherapy and radio therapy after his first operation for colon cancer was bungled, leaving possibly cancerous material behind. The oncology department involved also failed to keep a regular check on him and his cancer returned, this time inoperably.

    In his late seventies, Frank underwent several types of treatment, often with bad side-effects, and he and his family sought help from Peter Savage and his colleagues at Medical Accident Group to look into what had gone wrong.

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    Peter said: “It was clear that the first operation should have been more comprehensive, that he should have had regular check-ups and because no such checks were done, when the cancer recurred it was too late to operate successfully on it.

    “If the first operation had been done properly, he would probably have been cured of cancer and lived to a ripe old age – in fact, he suffered intense distress, as did his family, as well as pain and physical limitations.”

    Frank had his first operation in 2007, followed by chemotherapy, with a follow-up operation later that year. In 2011, the cancer had returned and could not be operated on – he had more chemotherapy, along with radiotherapy, as well as two further operations before he died.

    His family continued with the case which he had started, to find out what had happened. They received £15,000 in compensation.

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