£37m compensation for cancer patients who were reassured that they had nothing to worry about

  • October 5, 2020
  • Support from Ally Taft of Medical Accident Group has brought several breast cancer patients compensation. Brenda was one of many victims of jailed breast surgeon Ian Paterson who ignored her request for a total mastectomy, leaving her afraid that her cancer would come back.

    Brenda faced surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She made it clear that she wanted a mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts) because she wanted to keep the risk of the cancer returning as low as possible. She had two very young children and had recently lost her father to cancer, so she wanted as little risk as possible. In fact, she even decided to go ahead with a double mastectomy to ensure there would be no chance of further breast cancer in the future.

    Despite making her choice very clear, Brenda was one of many whose wishes were ignored by the rogue breast surgeon; he took no notice of her clear choice before he operated, leaving substantial breast tissue behind in what has come to be known as a cleavage-sparing mastectomy.

    The ‘cleavage-sparing mastectomy’ was an unrecognised and unauthorised technique adopted by Ian Peterson which left breast tissue behind when it should have been completely removed to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurring.

    Although the hospital promised a review of Brenda’s case, she had to take a second opinion herself to find out that she had been given the less-complete surgery, in spite of her clearly expressed wishes. Brenda had further surgery to remove more breast tissue and has since had further breast reconstruction.

    With Ally’s support, Brenda received a share of the £37m compensation ordered by the High Court for around 750 patients to settle their cases against the breast surgeon and the hospitals in which he worked.

    Brenda said: “He was someone I put my complete trust in. To sit in front of him twice and ask the direct question, and him confirm each time with sincerity that I had had complete mastectomies and not his ‘sparing’ procedure, and had nothing to worry about, left me distraught.”

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    Ally said: “I have supported several patients whose breast cancer treatment was inadequate, putting them at an increased risk. A cancer diagnosis in its own right is daunting enough, never mind being let down by those who you put your trust in to help you get better. This has undoubtedly scarred their lives and I am glad to be able to help them take back control to some extent and be compensated for that suffering.”

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