2Gether NHS Trust, failed to follow up a patient

  • March 25, 2015
  • Mr X had suffered from mild symptoms of OCD for most of his life but had been able to manage his symptoms.  Following the death of his father in 2009 he suffered a worsening of symptoms and began to complain of acute OCD.  His GP referred him to 2Gether NHS Trust, which failed to follow up with Mr X, despite him chasing the Trust.  He deteriorated, developed suicidal tendencies and resigned from work.  His GP chased the Trust and it was noted that they omitted to send a letter to Mr X confirming a treatment plan.  He was fast tracked on to Let’s Talk Psychological Service and attended regularly until February 2012.  He made a good recovery and his OCD went into remission. A successful outcome was important to the client who wished to return to work but wanted to show any future employer that with appropriate treatment he would be able to return to employment.  We managed to obtain compensation on behalf of the Claimant after obtaining supportive expert evidence and serving a detailed Letter of Claim.  This was a very difficult psychiatric case that some of our competitors would not have accepted.  However, having obtained successful outcomes in similar cases we were able to use our expertise in this area and to also instruct experts in their field.

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