Locum doctor talking to a room full of medical professionals

Law change on locum doctors after Inez Brown highlighted systemic failure

Locum doctor’s over prescription leads to death

David called the out-of-hours GP service from his home in Cambridgeshire. He was diagnosed with kidney stones and was seen by a locum doctor from Germany. Unfortunately, due to the doctor’s poor grasp of English and lack of training, David was given ten times the prescribed amount of diamorphine and passed away just hours later.

David’s family approached specialist in claims relating to mistakes by locum doctors, Inez Brown for help.

The incident demonstrated a lack of systematic control in the locum GP service. Even though the parties never accepted liability, Inez was able to ensure that the family received compensation and pushed for changes in the way that these doctors are handled.

Regarding the case, Inez said: “During the inquest, the coroner found failings in the procedures put in place to ensure the capabilities of doctors from abroad. These include their grasp of English as well as their experience of the NHS system.

“Importantly, following these revelations, I pushed for recommendations to be made to the health secretary to change the way out-of-hours services are handled in the UK.”

Inez achieved a positive outcome for the family, who were awarded £40,000 in compensation.

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Locum doctor talking to a room full of medical professionals Locum doctor talking to a room full of medical professionals

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