Unborn baby dies after mum ignored for 14 hours in labour

  • May 7, 2019
  • Natalie Duffy claims she was left to dehydrate by doctors for as long 14 hours while in labour at Worcester Royal Hospital. Despite Miss Duffy “begging” for fluids, she was ignored by doctors until she fell seriously ill.

    Miss Duffy said “My partner was begging doctors to give me something. I was receiving no fluids and was very dehydrated. I was hallucinating, and I felt like there were bubbles in my stomach. I kept telling doctors but they all ignored me”.

    When the doctors finally realised that she was seriously dehydrated, she was placed into an induced coma. Miss Duffy alleges that this led to the death of her unborn daughter, Lainey.

    “The doctors failed to realise my organs were failing. I was put into a coma as I was left so long dehydrated – I almost died myself” she said.

    “I woke up from the coma and my baby had already died. She was wrapped up in hospital clothes beside me.”


    Family did not realise a full post mortem would be carried out

    Miss Duffy did not expect a full post mortem to be carried out following Lainey’s death and claims she was told that only a small amount of body tissue would be taken as a sample to conduct an autopsy.

    “I just wish we had a bit of warning as it came as a big shock when we were dressing her” Miss Duffy said. “She has scarring on her chest and the back of her head from where they did the autopsy”.
    Chief Medical Officer Dr Suneil Kapadia said: “In all cases where a post mortem is offered, parents are required to sign a consent form”.


    Investigation launched by NHS Trust

    An investigation was launched by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust on 17 January 2019. Dr Kapadia said: “We would like to express our sincere condolences to Ms Duffy. While we are unable to discuss specific details for confidentiality reasons, we can confirm we are carrying out a full investigation into Ms Duffy’s care.”

    Dr Kapadia also said: “We are in contact with her and her family and the results of the investigation will be shared in full with them.”

    Elizabeth Wickson, an Associate Solicitor in the Medical Accident Group, said: “Miss Duffy’s situation must be incredibly upsetting for both her and her family. It is deeply concerning that Miss Duffy appears to have been left without fluids for so long, particularly whilst she was in labour at our local hospital, Worcester Royal. I hope that the Trust deals with the investigation of this incident both quickly and thoroughly, to give Miss Duffy the answers she deserves.”

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