New Drug Stimulates Body Cells to ‘eat and destroy’ Cancer

  • July 4, 2018
  • There has been an international increase in research for treatment, namely in areas which target the immune system to fight cancer. Some of the most recent advancements encompass a devouring or “phagocytic” immune cell.

    White blood cells are beneficial in that that they fight bacterial and viral infections given that they can identify and attack these “foreign” invaders. However, they are not so effective at attacking cancer, since tumours grow from our own cells and have clever mechanisms to hide from immune attack. 

    One of the latest drugs used in a study by Dr Ashish Kulkarni and colleagues at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, works in two ways:-

    1. It initially prohibits cancer cells from hiding and sending out “eat me not” messages to white blood cells and,
    2. It then inhibits the tumour from telling the white blood cells to turn docile. 

    Tests on mice showed that this supramolecular therapy seemed to halt cancer from growing and spreading. 

    Researchers believe that it could be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments such as checkpoint inhibitors. Carl Alexander, from Cancer Research UK, said: “It’s promising to see yet another new approach. More work is now needed to show that this approach could be used to treat cancer patients.” 


    Amrit Dhaliwal, Associate Solicitor

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