Mesh surgery compensation claim

  • April 18, 2019
  • Colorectal surgeon Anthony Dixon is facing legal action by 156 women who claim that he was too quick to use mesh for prolapsed bowels. Mr Dixon practised at Southmead Hospital and at Spire Hospital, Bristol, which is a private hospital and treatment centre.

    Compensation for mesh surgery

    Compensation for the surgery performed by Mr Dixon could see up to £30m being awarded to those who are taking legal action. They claim that Mr Dixon was too quick to use mesh for prolapsed bowels, and the long term implications were not fully considered. Many women say they have been left in severe pain following the procedure. Mr Dixon maintains that he acted in good faith.

    North Bristol NHS Trust has awarded £185,000 to one woman following the surgery that occurred at Southmead Hospital in 2016. The woman was left with a devastating injury caused by the surgery and had to be fitted with a colostomy bag as a result.

    Another woman had a mesh operation performed by Mr Dixon in 2014 to correct her prolapse. She had been informed that the operation was necessary and was performed correctly. However, she has said that she is “worse off now than…when I started.”

    Approximately two thirds of the operations were carried out at Spire Hospital in Bristol.

    Mr Dixon was suspended in 2017 after concerns were first raised.

    Legal advisors for the women involved are aiming to secure settlements and reach a quick resolution using an approach known as alternative dispute resolution, which usually avoids the need for court involvement and aims to bring about a swift conclusion.

    Dr Chris Burton, Medical Director at Southmead Hospital has said: “Each claim has to be managed on its merits, but the trust wants to ensure the process is not more complicated and difficult than it needs to be”.

    Mr Dixon said he was “unable to comment on specific allegations… due to patient confidentiality and while relevant investigations are on-going”.

    Both North Bristol NHS Trust and Spire Healthcare are undertaking a full review into the concerns raised.

    Ally Taft, partner at Medical Accident Group, said: “It is deeply concerning that some patients were not informed of the possible consequences of such surgery, which has resulted in many of them experiencing ongoing severe pain.”

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