Ian Paterson Compensation Claims

  • September 20, 2017
  • Ian Paterson was jailed for 15 years in May 2017 after carrying out around 750 unnecessary or substandard breast operations. As a consequence of this, he was struck off the register of doctors in July 2017. His sentence was appealed in August 2017 and increased to 20 years due to the leniency of the original sentence.

    The claims against the NHS have all mainly settled, for a total sum of £9.6million. Paterson also operated at two private hospitals run by Spire Healthcare, who have contributed £27.2m towards a compensation fund for the affected private patients. The Heart of England NHS Trust Foundation in Birmingham, along with Paterson’s insurers, have contributed another £10m towards to the fund. The fund will now make it easier for Paterson’s private patients to make a claim.

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    Ally Taft, Partner

    Ally Taft, Partner from the Medical Accident Group said “I am relieved that my clients, and the other patients who fell victim to Paterson’s malpractice, will finally be compensated for the unnecessary traumatic experience they have suffered. Being diagnosed with potential breast cancer is a very difficult time without the added stress of negligent and unnecessary procedures being carried out. What these patients have had to go through is unimaginable and I hope some sort of normality can be restored to their lives now the whole process is over.”

    Anyone concerned about their treatment provided by Mr Paterson now has a limited period of time (12 months) to bring a claim for payment out of the fund and should contact a solicitor without delay.

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