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Doctor leaves woman infertile after removing wrong fallopian tube

  • June 7, 2019
  • Chelsie Thomas, aged 27, was suffering with an ectopic pregnancy when a surgeon removed her healthy fallopian tube by mistake during surgery. After later having the correct fallopian tube removed, Chelsie is unable to have children naturally without the assistance of IVF.

    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg implants itself outside the womb. In Chelsie’s case, the egg had implanted in her right fallopian tube, so she needed surgery to remove that tube.

    Chelsie, who thought she was expecting her second child, experienced bleeding and went to the hospital. She had surgery later that day. Afterwards, she said that a doctor entered her room to tell her that everything had gone well. It wasn’t until a week later, when she was still in excruciating pain, that she returned to the hospital where the error was rectified.

    She believes that the surgeon who operated on her “shouldn’t be allowed to touch another woman again.”

    The consequences of the mistake have been immense; not only did she have to tell her son that he cannot have a brother or sister, but her relationship with her partner broke down, she lost her job, and is now on anti-depressants.

    Dr Matthew Lewis, the medical director of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, admitted the error and apologised for the fact that Ms Thomas’ care “fell below the standard that we would expect for anyone who uses our services.”

    He also said that the Trust is “working with patients and their families, our own clinicians and staff to learn lessons and put systems in place to try and avoid such incidents.”

    The trust, for whom Ms Thomas worked as a healthcare assistant for nine years, admitted liability and offered to fund one round of IVF for her.

    Charlotte Measures, partner and clinical negligence specialist with Medical Accident Group, said: “The circumstances that arose in this case are deeply concerning and the consequences are clearly devastating for this lady. She can no longer naturally conceive children. All patients deserve the same high level of care and attention so that mistakes like this do not occur.”

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