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The Medical Accident Group are dedicated to working for those who have suffered medical negligence or a serious personal injury. Our leading lawyers use their expertise and experience to give our clients the best possible service but also to help other professionals to understand how devastating these complicated cases can be.

Our specialist knowledge is founded on 200 years of legal practice from our parent legal firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys, whose partners recognized the need for a dedicated clinical negligence and catastrophic injury law firm, rather than just handling these complex cases in one section of a larger business.

Our lawyers are experts in their chosen field and are amongst the most experienced in the country. They contribute to seminars and education courses on the experiences and after effects of catastrophic injury and medical accidents, and also regularly host presentations and conferences to inform the medical profession and other solicitors of the effects of negligence and injury.

Dealing with life-changing cases like these needs both professional skill and real care for the people who have been affected. We offer empathy and support, so that your needs are our priority throughout your case.

How we can help you

Because cases involving negligent healthcare or catastrophic injury are very complicated and have a long-term effect on your life, health and family, we believe you deserve specialists to work with you – that is why we focus only on these types of claim.

But we know, because your situation may be complicated and you might not have had clear information, we need to offer more than just legal advice. We can call on our own team of healthcare professionals who will visit you, can help you to understand your medical notes and offer some guidance on how the process will work. We can also help with advice on benefits that may be available to you, or other sources of compensation or support.

You need the best legal advice possible, and so we offer a ‘no win, no fee’ service. Please talk directly to one of our solicitors to understand how this scheme works.

Most importantly, we know that you need support as well as top-quality legal advice. We are always clear about how the legal process works, what we can do for you and what you should expect, and we are always available to answer your questions. You won’t need to take long journeys to our offices to stay in touch with us – we will come to you or keep in touch with you in whatever way suits you best.

Support for planning your future

We understand that it is not just compensation for what has happened that is important – we know that you need to be able to look ahead and plan for the future.

We are experts in ensuring that your future care needs are also provided for, particularly where children have suffered. We can help you to find the rehabilitation and medical care you need to ensure that your life can continue the way it should be.

We treat every client with sensitivity and care, and we are committed to giving every client our very best, to achieve the right result. This is what you deserve and this is why we are more than just a law firm.


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